Personal Finance

Download Me, Myself, My Money Lesson Plans

Each of the six Me, Myself, My Money modules contains learning objectives, two to four lessons (each with multiple student activities), and instructor’s solutions.  Below are links to PDFs of each module along with a listing of lessons contained in that module.

Credit Cards and Your Credit Score (pdf) 

  • Selecting a Credit Card: The Devil’s in the Detail
  • The Cost of Credit: Behind the Numbers
  • Credit Scores: What’s the Score?

Managing Debt (pdf)

  • Home Ownership: Cribs ­– How Do I Get Mine?
  • Auto Loans: Getting Wheels
  • How to Finance a College Education: Big Expense, Bigger Payoff!
  • Managing Your Debt: How Much is Too Much?

Financial Planning (pdf)

  • Budgeting: How to Live on Your Own and Not Move Home in a Week
  • Taxes: Who’s FICA, and Why Does He Get Part of My Paycheck?
  • Retirement Plans: Saving for Retirement – It’s Never Too Early to Start!

Insurance (pdf)

  • Health Insurance: My Broken Leg Costs How Much?!
  • Automobile Insurance: Keeping Your Wheels – and You – Rolling!
  • Homeowner’s Insurance: Home Sweet Home

Investments (pdf)

  • Investment Alternatives: Making it on the Street – Wall Street!
  • Stocks and Bonds: Money for Nothin’ and Bucks for Free

Money and Banking (pdf)

  • Time Value of Money: Time is Money!
  • Savings and Checking Accounts: Banking 101
  • Bank Reconciliation: What Do You Mean I’m Overdrawn? There Are Still Checks in My Checkbook!