Scholarships (Educational Trust Fund)

About the Educational Trust Fund

...Helping Tomorrow's CPAs Today

The Educational Trust Fund (ETF) of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants (CTCPA) exists to help tomorrow’s CPAs today. It does so by providing financial support directly to students, accounting departments, and accounting clubs at Connecticut colleges and universities recognized by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy.

Who provides this financial support?

The support of the ETF comes from the many members of the CTCPA, who make individual contributions in the spirit of promoting the future of the certified public accounting profession. These donations play an important role in helping the CPA profession attract the talent to ensure its vitality and relevance in this new millennium and new world economy.

The ETF is administered by a nine-member Board of Trustees.

How can I help the Educational Trust Fund?

Support the ETF with a Jeans for ETF campaign at your company!

Individuals can make tax-deductible contributions to the Educational Trust Fund. Corporations and firms may also make tax-deductible contributions. We encourage individuals to take advantage of any matching gift programs their employers may offer.

Another way to support the future of the profession is by naming the CTCPA Educational Trust Fund as one of your beneficiaries in your will. Think about it – your will provides you with the opportunity to remember your profession – that livelihood that ultimately afforded you success, stature, and fulfillment. Special funds may also be established in memory of deceased CTCPA members, and voluntary annual contributions may be made in their names.

Individuals and corporations can also support the annual Educational Trust Fund Golf Tournament through various sponsorship opportunities, contributing merchandise for prizes, or, of course, signing up to play.

Encouragement remains the goal.

Since the 1950s, Connecticut CPAs have realized – and responded to – the need to encourage people to enter their profession. And while the profession has changed considerably through the years, encouragement remains the ETF goal as the competition for new talent among all the professions grows. Although the first awards were small, the program has grown larger and more diverse.

Educational Trust Fund Declaration of Trust