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8.0 Credits

This CTCPA conference is designed to update practitioners and government finance officers in the area of governmental accounting and auditing. Download the conference flyer, and register today!

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Designed For

CPAs involved in governmental accounting and auditing. Also appropriate for government finance officers.


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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

General Sessions

Presented by: Randy Finden, Senior Project Manager, GASB


Randy's presentation will focus on current projects—Revenue and Expense Recognition, Conduit Debt Obligations, the Financial Reporting Model, and Capitalization of Interest projects. After discussing those projects, recently issued GASB statements will be presented. Those statements include leases, debt extinguishments, fiduciary activities, asset retirement obligations, and irrevocable split-interest agreements.

Presented by: John D'Amico, CPA, Director, Nonprofit, Government and Healthcare Group and Professional Standards Group, Marks Paneth LLP

This session will cover recent deficiencies found in Single Audits found in AICPA Professional Ethics Division and Peer Review Division reviews. The deficiencies covered in this session will be regarding:

• Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards 
• Major program determination
• Internal control over compliance
• Compliance testing
• Documentation 
• Reporting
• CPE requirements.

Presented by: James R. Dalkin, CPA, CGMA, Director, Financial Management and Assurance, U.S. Government and Accountability Office

This session will discuss proposed changes in the 2011 version of the Yellow Book

Presented by: Senator Catherine Osten

Senator Osten will provide an update on the state of Connecticut with a focus on the impact to local towns and

Presented by: Ari Santiago, President, IT Direct

Whether your clients are governmental agencies, non-profit or for-profit organizations, CPAs are viewed as trusted advisors. You have business acumen, regular training, a strong code of ethics, and are continuously challenged by external reviews. Because of these things, you are in a perfect position to be strong advisors on and auditors of cyber security risks and strategies. The best part is that you can do this with no in-depth technical expertise. Your goal is not to prevent a cyber security threat, but to encourage the organization to document their cyber security risk management process and to evaluate their assertions.  

This presentation will focus on preparing you for this cyber security advisory role, step by step. You will learn about:
• cyber security threats and risks
• current compliance regulations and what’s coming down the road
• the key elements of a cyber security risk management program
• how to create a cyber security risk management program – starting the conversation and knowing which questions to ask
• how to audit a cyber security risk management program 
• the experts to turn to for help

Presented by: Christopher Wetmore, Director, and Bennett W. Moore, Assurance Associate, RSM US LLP

What is “digital”, what does it mean, and how is it impacting the middle market? As the technological platforms and risk environments in which companies operate continue to transform, so do the skills and knowledge needed to stay relevant and competitive. The huge expansion in blockchain technology and digital currencies across the globe has already started to shape how businesses and municipalities can envision entirely new community or consumer driven models by bolstering trust and transparency.  This session will help to define what digital means in today’s environment and also explore some incremental and transformative technologies that can be leveraged to capitalize on a new era of shared efficiencies and digital innovation.

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