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1.0 Credits

Presented by Carmine Perri, Esq., and Jeff Rivard, Esq, CzepigaDalyPope LLC
The meeting will open with a one hour presentation, with Carmine giving an update on Probate Court rules and Probate Court litigation trends (and how to avoid that litigation). Jeff will then provide an update on estate planning and estate taxes, specially IRS News Release IR-2018-229 (concerning ‘claw-back’ issues arising from the federal estate/gift tax exemption reducing to 2017 levels effective January 1, 2026) and how to advise clients now to take advantage of the window provided, the argument for the use of Trust Protectors and Independent Trustees in light of legislation changes in the estate tax field and increased litigation, the roles of and risks to a CPA who is a fiduciary (Executor or Trustee) or agent under a Power of Attorney.

We will also discuss goals, objectives, and potential new projects and endeavors in the coming year for the committee. It is intended to be inclusive of everyone’s opinions and ideas.

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