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2.0 Credits

Presented by Ed Patterson, CPFA, Senior Financial Advisor & Retirement Accredited Financial Advisor (RAFA), Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and George Kasper, Attorney, Pullman & Comley LLC

The Fiduciary Role of the CPA and 401k's

CPA's hold a special place in today's ever-changing, complex world of finance. Your clients look to you for expertise and advice. One of the areas of confusion is often the Fiduciary role in the context of 401k plans. If you have a 401k for your employees or you have clients who look to you to assure they are doing the correct processes in their office, you can't miss this session.

Ed and Georege will answer your questions about:

What are your Fiduciary liabilities and exposure regarding your 401k or practice retirement plan?

Are you protected from the Super creditors?

How are you managing your clients expectations, awareness and Fiduciary risks?

Can you confidently define your Fiduciary process that doesn’t raise flags?

What do you need to know to effectively talk to your clients about their responsibilities?

Join us for an informative session. You must pre-register as seats are limited.

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