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8.0 Credits

This new CTCPA-built conference is filled with presentations designed to maximize your time and enhance your learning. The agenda is filled with sessions on current and emerging technologies that will help you do your job with efficiency and ease.  Participants will receive helpful tips and advanced techniques, along with the tools and skills necessary to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of changes in computer technology.  Download the conference flyer.

Designed For

This conference is designed for busy accounting and finance professionals in both business and industry and public accounting who want to learn about the new technologies impacting their profession.  It is also designed for those looking to take advantage of technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

General Sessions

Presented by: Bob Lincavicks - CRM Strategist, Northeast Enterprise, Microsoft


Business is transforming at an alarming rate. Companies need to adapt or become outdated. Digital transformation is the key for businesses that want to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products. An adaptable application platform powered by data and intelligence are critical to power a company’s transformation. Join Bob Lincavicks, Microsoft Corporation Business Applications Solution Specialist to hear how these solutions are having real-world impact on organizations.

Presented by: Bob Lincavicks - CRM Strategist, Northeast Enterprise, Microsoft


Are you getting the most out of the Microsoft Applications you use on a daily basis? Could you use a few time-tested tips and tricks to add to your arsenal? Join Bob Lincavicks, Microsoft Corporation Business Applications Solution Specialist who will review some tips and tricks to get the most out of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and LinkedIn.

Concurrent Sessions (9:40 am - 10:40 am) - Please Select One:

Presented by: Kim Beauchamp, CPA - Director of Operations at Whittlesey


Discuss ways for small and medium sized firms to improve efficiencies and save money through use of technology. Topics will include paperless environment (and what that really looks like), software and apps that can help achieve your goals, and new local outsourcing ideas.  Best practices will be discussed, with regard to process improvement and how that fits with your technology choices and your culture.

Presented by: Jeremiah Sahlberg, Director of Information Security at Tevora


This session will address cybersecurity from several angles, providing attendees with a broad overview of the following:
• The current threat landscape and how those threats are affecting organizations today
• How companies are working to better secure their data
• The impact of a breach and steps you can take to mitigate that impact
• Why cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility

Presented by:  Jess Hurwitz - Crypto / Blockchain Consultant, Strategist, and Advisor


• Update on cryptocurrency, cryptoassets and digital token strategies
• Progress and status of blockchain in Industry
• Strategic concerns for executive management teams regarding blockchain
• How do I best help my clients today prepare for the blockchain revolution

Concurrent Sessions (10:45 am - 11:55 am) - Please Select One:

Presented by: Ian Cranston  - Manager of Network Services at Whittlesey Technology


Tom Davis, CPA, CGMA, CFE - Audit Manager at Whittlesey


Learn how to use business intelligence software to make data-driven decisions. In this session we'll be reviewing how Tableau and CaseWare IDEA can provide value for your clients and your practice.

Presented by: Rashida Malcolm Bradley - Senior Project Manager, Data Analytics at CVS/Aetna


Rahul Sharma, CPA - Internal Audit Manager, Data Analytics at CVS/Aetna


Jason Zhang, ACDA, MBA - Senior Project Manager, Data Analytics at CVS/Aetna

Practical approach for transforming audit practices by implementing advanced technological tools such as robotics, predictive analytics, unsupervised modeling, continuous auditing, advanced visualization, digital audit reporting, advanced outlier detection, in-database analytics & risk modeling.

Presented by: Tim Weber, Director, Security Services of ADNET Technologies


Multi-Factor Authentication, or “MFA” is necessary these days to keep organizations secure while allowing workers flexibility and access to the applications they need to do their jobs effectively. Now more than ever, employees are using mobile devices to access sensitive data and connect to both business and personal networks on a daily basis. MFA can help prevent unauthorized access of information and devices by requiring two different methods of verification – comprised of something you know, and something you have. Join Tim Weber, Director, Security Services of ADNET Technologies to learn more about MFA and mobile device management and how you can leverage them to keep your organization secure. If you aren’t managing the access your employees have to your network, you leave your business open to both accidental loss and security breaches.

Concurrent Sessions (12:55 pm - 1:55 pm) - Please Select One:

Moderator: Mark R. Torello, CPA, CFE, CISA, CITP, CRISC - Partner-in-Charge at Whittlesey Technology


Panelist 1:  Eric Monda - IT Security Analyst, ADNET Technologies

Panelist 2: Michael C. Pelletier, MBA, MSCS - Partner, Chief Innovation Officer at blumshapiro                          

Panelist 3: Christopher Wisneski - Manager, IT Security & Assurance Services at Whittlesey Technology

Panelist 4: Stephen T. Surina - Information Technology Manager at Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala, P.C.


Learn what the “best practices” are in CPA firm technology and cybersecurity. This will include the use of BI, encryption, portals, due date scheduling systems, cloud hosted email and phones systems, two factor authentication systems, and much more.   A panel of senior technology experts in multi denominational sub fields will be answering questions on best technology practices in CPA firm technology. Panelists include seasoned IT consultants, CPA firm Network Administrators, IT Auditors, and a CPA firm technology partner and CIO.  Sufficient time will be provided to field attendee specific questions as well. Panel discussion will be moderated by Mark R. Torello of Whittlesey PC., a leader in CPA firm technology.  You can count on Mark to ask the tough questions that most CPA firms are asking themselves… and truly need unbiased answers to.

Presented by: Duraid Jwayyed, CPA, CMA - Director, CohnReznick Advisory


John J. Turgeon, CPA, HCS - CohnReznick Partner & Managing Director, CohnReznick Affiliated Companies


In this session, we will discuss the value of introducing robotics (robotic process automation) into the finance function and where and when it can be applied. We will also discuss what it means today and in the future to the finance team itself.

Presented by:  Ari Santiago - Founder, CEO and President of IT Direct


You may already use the cloud but are you using it in the best way possible for you, your role or your company? In this workshop, you'll learn how to evaluate the ROI you get out of the cloud. Discover features you may not know within your current cloud setup and learn more about the tools, big data capabilities, and outage protection the cloud can provide (whether you are completely in the cloud or not). This non-technical workshop aims to demystify the concept of 'the cloud' and get down to the everyday benefits and value to you or your company.

Concurrent Sessions (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm) - Please Select One:

Presented by: Chris Florentino, Engagement Manager, ADNET Technologies


Everyone’s talking about the cloud. But what does it really cost to utilize it effectively in a small business? In this session, we’ll share ideas for how your business can start benefiting from cloud technologies for as little as $25 a month per user. Cloud services are easy to scale – so you can dip your toe in the water with tools that will get you started, and easily add more as your needs change. This flexibility can offset major costs, such as unexpectedly replacing unsupported equipment, or paying for more storage than you need to. Whether you’re looking for critical tools like email and communications, or a cloud lift to replace your servers, there are plenty of options available for small businesses at varying investment levels.

Presented by: Solon Angel - Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at MindBridge Ai


Technological breakthroughs like Artificial Intelligence are having a disproportionate effect on humans and organizations. It has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, efficiencies and is already changing how work is done. With its advanced self-learning algorithms, modern AI is enhancing the professional judgment of professionals in finding “needle in a haystack” fraud attempts and material misstatements that otherwise would go unnoticed with antiquated approaches. Beyond corporate finance, this session will share real life examples also how Governments, Financial Institutions and CPA firms are adopting it.

This session is intended to help you understand that Ai and autonomous systems are available right here, right now, the difference between AI and Machine Learning and how to lead change from within effectively.

Presented by: Adam Ware - Analytics, Data Strategy and Visualization Consultant; Adjunct Lecturer at NYU

Effective data visualizations are:  immediately understandable, impactful and actionable. These benefits are crucial today because we are all expected to make sense of increasingly larger volumes of information; and provide insights faster than ever before. 

Those well versed in data visualization have the edge needed to find new customers, uncover previously untapped revenue sources and improve operational efficiencies because they can harness the power of the innate human visual system to strategically analyze available data quickly; and communicate key insights clearly.  

This presentation provides a brief overview of data visualization methods, benefits and pitfalls, and reviews some software options to deliver on the promise of visualization.

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