PATH is our new member-to-member consulting service, Pathways to Accounting Technical Help. (Think of it as an updated, refreshed CHAT service).

It's simple - you have a question about a specific niche or issue and Google's just not doing it for you. Since you're a member, you can log in and get the contact information for other smart, kind CTCPA members who're willing to pick up the phone and spend a few minutes talking through your question or situation.

Pretty neat, huh?

To protect you and our PATH volunteers, before you pick up that phone, just give our FAQs a quick glance.


Who can use the service?
PATH help is available only to CTCPA members and is rendered only by CTCPA members – members helping members. If a member has a technical question and has exhausted all avenues of research available, he or she can call a PATH volunteer.

Is there a fee?
There is no charge for the PATH service. The service is not intended to encompass help on technical matters requiring extensive research or preparation of written reports by volunteers. Assistance is expected to be informal and involve no more than one or two short conversations. For more complex situations, members are encouraged to establish a fee-based arrangement with one another.

Evaluation of the credentials, qualifications, and competence of a volunteer is the responsibility of the member seeking assistance, as are the negotiations of the scope of services provided and the compensation thereof.

Program Guidelines
The PATH listing of topics and volunteers is published on the CTCPA website.

In furnishing this free service, the CTCPA has not undertaken to and expressly disclaims any undertaking to evaluate or pass upon the credentials or competence of any volunteer.  The PATH service does not contemplate the assumption of legal or ethical responsibility on the part of its volunteers for assistance provided.

Anyone using the free PATH service agrees to indemnify the CTCPA and the volunteer from any claim or liability arising from the assistance given.

Assistance with questions should not involve analysis of fact or law.  Answers are never confirmed in writing.

Volunteers must be in good standing with the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy, the CTCPA Professional Ethics Committee, and the CTCPA peer review program.

How do I become a PATH volunteer?
Volunteer participation/enrollment is offered continually. Volunteers must be CTCPA members and must have current experience and technical competence in the field(s) in which they have offered to assist. 

To volunteer, simply download and complete this fillable PDF form indicating the area(s) of expertise you can help other members with and your contact information. (Note: If you're using Firefox, click "Open with a Different Viewer" on the top right of your screen and open the PDF in Adobe Reader to enable fillable PDF functionality.) Save the updated document to your computer and mail the PDF to Membership Coordinator Liz Frazza at

How do I find a PATH volunteer?
PATH volunteers are ready and willing to give you advice.

Find a PATH volunteer!