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Critical Action Alert: Gov. Lamont Proposes Expanded Sales Tax on Accounting, Tax Prep, and Legal Services in Budget
February 20, 2019   It's official - Governor Ned Lamont's budget proposal includes expanding the sales tax to include a sales tax on accounting, tax preparation, and legal services for individuals. We have fought variations of this proposal before, and we will fight this again. Gov. Lamont will present his budget at noon today, but we have already distributed a press release stating our strong opposition to this to all local media. We are also forming a coalition of other membership and...
See how your town fares in the governor’s proposed budget
Forty-five municipalities stand to gain more money from the state’s primary education grant next year if provisions of the governor’s proposed budget are adopted by the General Assembly – however, several smaller grants are slated to be eliminated or reduced. Impoverished communities stand to gain the most while wealthier towns, generally speaking, would lose the most through a redistribution of the state’s primary funding source to local school districts, the Education Cost Sharing ESC)...
Lamont holds tax rates steady, but companies and consumers would still pay more
In his inaugural budget, Gov. Ned Lamont kept campaign pledges not to increase major tax rates, but plenty of businesses, and their customers, can expect to pay higher taxes if the two-year spending plan makes it through the legislative gauntlet in the months ahead.
Lamont Faces Opposition To New Taxes
Gov. Ned Lamont didn’t even mention the 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages, but there was little doubt Wednesday about who didn’t support his proposal. The 13 members of the Republican Party’s conservative caucus each had “Double Gulps” from 7-Eleven on their desks. A “Double Gulp” is a larger than a “Big Gulp.”
Lamont’s Budget Will Tax Services, Some Goods
“The notion of taxing tax preparation services is fundamentally flawed,” Bonnie Stewart, executive director of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, said “as it poses what taxpayers will view as a penalty for filing one’s tax return in a complete, compliant, and accurate manner by engaging professional assistance.”
Sales tax expansion leaves everyone a bit miffed
Haircuts, laundry, legal services, veterinarian visits and parking are on the list. Even paying an accountant to file your taxes could now be subject to the state sales tax. That’s because Gov. Ned Lamont proposed broad expansions of the sales tax in his budget proposal released Wednesday. The two-year budget does not increase the rate of the sales tax, but applies the levy to more things.
Industry pans Lamont's bid to tax professional services
The accounting industry was one of the first industry groups on Wednesday to slam Gov. Ned Lamont's budget proposal that dramatically broadens Connecticut's sales tax on professional services. Lamont's proposed two-year, $43 billion state budget would require consumers to pay significantly more sales taxes by cancelling numerous exemptions for accounting, legal, interior design and real estate services.
A Path Forward: Governor Lamont's FY 2020-2021 Budget Proposal
Anchored by honesty, data, and stakeholder input, Governor Lamont’s pro-growth budget proposes the structural changes necessary to address the state’s crushing fixed costs, while also investing in transportation, education and workforce/economic development. It’s a budget that makes tough choices, strategic investments and ensures that we put Connecticut on a path to growth for all its citizens.
Lamont administration struggles, admits ‘room for improvement’
Gov. Ned Lamont’s evident lack of a strategy to promote, defend and win passage of the highway tolling plan he abruptly dropped on Connecticut over the long holiday weekend rattled Democratic allies Tuesday and raised new questions about the young administration’s political and legislative acumen.
CT suit against Trump border wall seeks to protect National Guard funds
California, the lead state in the lawsuit that aims to block President Donald Trump from tapping military construction funds to build a border wall, has a lot at stake — nearly $820 million in projects Congress has approved for the state’s many military installations. Connecticut has much less on the table. Congress has appropriated less than $2 million in the 2019 federal budget to construct a deicing facility for Air National Guard planes and a vehicle maintenance shop at Bradley...