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Strategic career mapping can lead to professional fulfillment
Life never follows a straight path, and neither will your career. Whether your goal is to advance from your cubicle into the corner office, strike out on your own, or move into a different profession altogether, it pays to map out a strategy for...
Why Small Businesses are Huge Targets for ID Theft
The Internal Revenue Service reported in 2017 that business identity theft increased 250 percent. Simply put, your client’s identity gets stolen, they are out of business. So what can you do? It is critical that the accounting professionals...
Texting While Hiring: 67% Of Tech Leaders Say Their Companies Text In Hiring Process
For many people, texting is the favored – and sometimes only – way to connect with friends and family. Now new research from Robert Half Technology suggests that it may also be a common communication method between employers and job candidates....
Generation X steps up to the C-Suite
Here's what to expect from the "forgotten generation" - Gen X - as they quietly transform the workplace from the inside out.
Shades of grey: CT workforce continues to age
Economic-development officials in Connecticut are fond of talking about our state’s highly skilled and experienced workforce — and by all objective aggregate measures that is accurate. For example, 42 percent of all workers in Connecticut...
Final rules permit truncated TINs on W-2s
In its continuing effort to reduce identity theft, the IRS issued final regulations that permit employers to use truncated taxpayer identification numbers (TTINs) on Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, issued to employees (T.D. 9861). The...
Advising Your Clients on Lowering Their Self-Employment Taxes
Here’s the thing: Making sure employees are paid the right amount on time is crucial to keeping them motivated. And for small business owners, determining exactly how much money should be withheld for state and federal income taxes, benefits and...
How to harness technology rather than fear it
It is the nature of the job these days: Most CFOs and accountants are adept at using sophisticated software, and are among those leading tech adoption across their organisations. But as technology develops and diversifies at a rapid pace,...
Do you have what it takes to start your own firm?
Many CPAs dream of starting their own public accounting firm, their name displayed proudly outside a welcoming office. They envision being their own boss, choosing their clients, and having greater freedom to do the type of accounting work that...
Alert: New Informational Tax Return Filing Requirement Due October 1, 2019
While the state legislature did not impose a new payroll tax during the recently completed legislative session they did direct the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) to gather information needed to determine whether the state should adopt a...

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    Connecticut CPA magazine feature
Women in CPA Firm Leadership

By Joseph A. Tarasco, Chief Executive Officer and Nancy A. Damato, President, Accountants Advisory Group, LLC 

Today, women represent more than 50 percent of accounting graduates and female leaders in public accounting are much more prevalent than 20 years ago, but women still only represent approximately 20 percent of partners in the nation.



Pre-Merger Employee Integration and Retention

By Paul N. Iannone, JD, CPA, MST, Founder, Tax Career Advisor LLC and author, “Extraordinary Tax Career.”

A merger of firms can be fraught with employee disruption and anxiety. The business of employee retention and integration should really begin during the merger talks. Dealing with this important issue only during the post-merger period ignores the reality that firm culture comprises both “leadership culture” and “employee culture.” Anticipating the employee’s vision and perceived alignment of values and mission of the combined firms is a critical ingredient that should play a significant role in merger negotiations.  


    Connecticut CPA magazine feature
Is Your Organization NextGen-friendly?
What you need to know to engage tomorrow’s leaders today

By Brianna Johnson

It’s an employees’ market and young CPAs have options. Whether they wish to work in public accounting, industry, government, educational institutions, or start their own firms, opportunities abound. Because young CPAs are in high demand, firm and organization leaders must identify areas where their strategy, processes, and culture are not “NextGen-friendly,” and take steps to make their organizations more attractive to young CPAs.


Defending Against a Succession Planning Crisis

By Joe Tarasco, Accountants Advisory Group, LLC

A succession crisis is occurring at public accounting firms across the country, driven by the vast numbers of Baby Boomer partners who will be retiring in droves over the next 10 years. Many CPA firms wish to remain independent, but few of them have completed and implemented formal plans to ensure their legacy.


    How the Baby Boomer Retirement Wave is Creating Opportunities and Challenges for Everyone in the Accounting World

By Carl R. Johnson, CPA, President, CRJ Consulting

This aging of the baby boomers is creating a unique period of time for CPA firms in the United States, New England, and right here in Connecticut. For the next decade or so, there will be excellent opportunities for future employees, present employees, and firm owners – but those opportunities also come with major challenges for those same three groups.