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Why Zoom meetings really do leave you exhausted
Marc Staut recalled the disappointment felt by some of his CPA firm clients as they introduced new information systems about a year ago. The project planning went fine. So did training the client firms’ professionals. The rollout may have been...
4 New Ways Firms Should Think About Remote Work After COVID-19
Overnight, COVID-19 and social distancing caused most firms to go remote to ensure the health and safety of their staff and clients. In doing so, firm leaders realized that remote work CAN work and team members managed to deliver results under...
PPP forgiveness: No need to rush, and other tips
Although forgiveness for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans is a foremost topic on the minds of borrowers and the CPAs who advise them, experts are saying borrowers should not rush to apply for forgiveness. Long-expected FAQs expected to...
Deloitte dives into blockchain
Deloitte is helping more of its clients leverage blockchain technology as it sees the distributed ledger technology gain increasing usage after years of experimentation with the technology. “We were in an ideation phase with blockchain, which...
Hiring for soft skills is more important than ever
Software might be available to aid with tax returns and audit reports, but technology can't compensate for vital skills like teamwork, communication, and emotional intelligence as accountants interact with clients and each other. CPA firms...
The challenge for CPA firms: Applying RPA in the real world
It’s 2020, and by now it’s likely you’ve heard of robotic process automation (“RPA” for short). For those of you who haven’t heard of it, put as simply as possible — RPA does not involve little robots rolling around an office performing tasks. It...
West Hartford's blumshapiro expands Boston footprint with new office
West Hartford-based accounting and consulting firm blumshapiro has moved its Boston office into a space about three times the size of its previous location in the city, further expanding its Massachusetts footprint. A blumshapiro spokeswoman...
7 ways to grow your accounting practice, even in a down economy
No one predicted this. No one saw 2020 shaping up the way it has. We didn’t choose this year, but for some reason, it chose us. Hopefully, you’ve moved through all the stages of grief and have accepted that life “is what it is.” We can reminisce...
CPA Firm Strategies for the New Normal
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many changes in the accounting industry and its clients. Some of these changes were ad hoc, temporary, and unpolished, and unfortunately, we will need to continuously address the effects of the pandemic for quite...
Daniel Kusaila Pays It Forward to Alma Mater Post University with Crowe/Post University Internship Program
Unsure of what major to declare when he started at Post University back in 1994, Daniel Kusaila was encouraged by his father to pursue a degree in accounting. That encouragement was all that Kusaila needed. Today, he is a tax partner for Crowe...

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    Connecticut CPA magazine feature
Women in CPA Firm Leadership

By Joseph A. Tarasco, Chief Executive Officer and Nancy A. Damato, President, Accountants Advisory Group, LLC 

Today, women represent more than 50 percent of accounting graduates and female leaders in public accounting are much more prevalent than 20 years ago, but women still only represent approximately 20 percent of partners in the nation.



Pre-Merger Employee Integration and Retention

By Paul N. Iannone, JD, CPA, MST, Founder, Tax Career Advisor LLC and author, “Extraordinary Tax Career.”

A merger of firms can be fraught with employee disruption and anxiety. The business of employee retention and integration should really begin during the merger talks. Dealing with this important issue only during the post-merger period ignores the reality that firm culture comprises both “leadership culture” and “employee culture.” Anticipating the employee’s vision and perceived alignment of values and mission of the combined firms is a critical ingredient that should play a significant role in merger negotiations.  


    Connecticut CPA magazine feature
Is Your Organization NextGen-friendly?
What you need to know to engage tomorrow’s leaders today

By Brianna Johnson

It’s an employees’ market and young CPAs have options. Whether they wish to work in public accounting, industry, government, educational institutions, or start their own firms, opportunities abound. Because young CPAs are in high demand, firm and organization leaders must identify areas where their strategy, processes, and culture are not “NextGen-friendly,” and take steps to make their organizations more attractive to young CPAs.


Defending Against a Succession Planning Crisis

By Joe Tarasco, Accountants Advisory Group, LLC

A succession crisis is occurring at public accounting firms across the country, driven by the vast numbers of Baby Boomer partners who will be retiring in droves over the next 10 years. Many CPA firms wish to remain independent, but few of them have completed and implemented formal plans to ensure their legacy.


    How the Baby Boomer Retirement Wave is Creating Opportunities and Challenges for Everyone in the Accounting World

By Carl R. Johnson, CPA, President, CRJ Consulting

This aging of the baby boomers is creating a unique period of time for CPA firms in the United States, New England, and right here in Connecticut. For the next decade or so, there will be excellent opportunities for future employees, present employees, and firm owners – but those opportunities also come with major challenges for those same three groups.