Legislative Action Alert - Tell Your Legislators TODAY: Do NOT Tax Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

The 2019 Connecticut General Assembly is underway and the possibility of a sales tax on tax preparation and accounting services provided to individuals is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day!

It is CRITICAL that you contact your state representative and your state senator TODAY and tell them “Do NOT tax accounting and tax preparation services!”

Read our informational flyer and find and contact your legislators at www.ctcpas.org/actioncenter.  

Tell your legislators that a tax on tax preparation and accounting services is a BAD IDEA because ...

  • The notion of taxing tax preparation services is fundamentally flawed, as it poses a "tax on my taxes” for filing one’s tax bill in a complete, compliant, and accurate manner.    

    The US tax system is based on voluntary compliance.  Most people realize taxes are the price of a civilized society, but they view paying their taxes and the very process of tax return preparation as onerous and expensive.  Proposing to tax them for their voluntary compliance with a complex and convoluted tax code adds proverbial “insult to injury.”

    Under the federal tax reform of 2017, all individual taxpayers lost the ability to deduct the fee they pay for having their returns professionally prepared. 

    A new tax on tax return preparation would, here again, add proverbial insult to injury – not only did taxpayers lose the deduction for availing themselves of professional help, now they would face a tax for seeking out that assistance!

  • Only three states – New Mexico, South Dakota, and Hawaii – broadly tax services. These states are geographically isolated and have extremely small populations, thus they are forced to explore any and all options of revenue. Broadening the sales tax on services would make Connecticut less competitive.

  • It penalizes citizens who cannot file their state and federal tax returns without professional assistance due to the complexity of our state and federal tax codes.

  • These individuals are often those who can least afford this additional expense.


Contact your state representative and state senator TODAY and tell them “Vote NO on any tax on tax preparation or accounting services!”  Please send a copy of your communication to Mark Zampino at markz@ctcpas.org.

The CTCPA will also reach out to you through Voter Voice, a software program that makes it extremely easy to contact your legislators. Watch your email for CTCPA Legislative Alerts and take action upon receipt!