Accounting Is My Major 2019: Quinnipiac University

Thanks to Quinnipiac University for hosting almost 100 Connecticut high school students at their York Hill Campus at this year's first Accounting is My Major (AIM) program! CTCPA's AIM brings high school students to area colleges to give them a hands-on look at life as a college accounting major.

The half-day program wouldn't have been possible without:

  • Dr. Mary Meixell, associate dean of the business school,
  • Nelson Alino, associate professor and chair of the accounting department,
  • Zeshawn Beg, assistant professor of accounting,
  • Jill Koehler, associate dean for career development,
  • Matt Maron, accounting professor,
  • Stephanie Miller, accounting professor, and
  • Eric Grgurich, executive director of the People's United Center.

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