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Treasury plans efforts to deliver missing stimulus payments
The Treasury Department said Friday it plans to launch an all-out effort to deliver Economic Impact Payments to people who haven’t yet received the two rounds of stimulus payments that they should have received last year or this month.
SBA releases streamlined PPP forgiveness forms
The U.S. Small Business Administration released a one-page form aimed at simplifying the process of applying for forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program loans, along with newly revised and updated forms to meet the requirements of the latest...
COVID & Stress: Addressing Mental Health at Work
Not only has the pandemic caused a tremendous amount of stress, but it has also exacerbated many people's mental health disorders. How can you make the work environment a safe and comfortable place for them, and ensure everyone is coping well...
6 tips for CPAs on newest round of PPP funding
Business leaders and the CPAs who serve them will need to use a variety of strategies all at once as they pursue economic support in the newest round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding.
Overcoming Tax Policy Issues for Remote Workers
Working from home has been the reality for millions of Americans for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also creates new tax challenges for employers. Many staff members reside in one state but work for a company in another. In her first...
Evaluating Technology to Drive Firm Efficiency
I have long embraced the latest and greatest technology tools and viewed them as the way to make our lives easier and give us more freedom. So, having this belief from the onset of my firm’s existence clarified that my firm would be tech forward...
Lamont to lead NGA task force on pandemic response
Gov. Ned Lamont will co-chair a National Governors Association task force on pandemic and disaster response, an appointment made by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the NGA chair and a close collaborator in crafting a regional response to COVID-19.
Employee Retention Credit Under COVID-19 Relief
Here is a recap of the Employee Retention Credit under the CARES Act and the higher-impact modifications under the latest COVID-19 Relief Package.
Pandemic lessons learned in supply chain management
Natural disasters and international trade disputes have disrupted supply chains in the past, but most experts agree the coronavirus pandemic has dealt an unprecedented blow.
Connecticut Joins NH Remote Work Income Tax Case
A question on the mind of every accountant and tax attorney since the coronavirus pandemic started is the subject of a lawsuit now before the U.S. Supreme Court. New Hampshire is challenging a Massachusetts measure that continues to tax...

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