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  • 4/26

    Friday Focus: The Captive Alternative (FF0426)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | Credits: 2

    Do you wonder why your insurance premiums are always more than double what your losses are? Are you looking for a creative, alternative solution to manage your property and casualty risk better? Let’s talk captive insurance at this Friday Focus for Members in Industry. Captive...

  • 5/9

    Federal Tax Committee Meeting (FT0509)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | Credits: 2

    This meeting of the Federal Tax Interest Committee will feature Joseph McCarthy, Senior Stakeholder Liaison, IRS. Subcommittees established will update the committee on the status of projects and there will be discussions on future meetings and endeavors.

  • 5/13

    VFLS: The Testimony: Best Practices for Financial Experts (VFLS0513)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | Credits: 2

    Judges sit through a LOT of testimony, and they've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Make sure your testimony resonates for all the right reasons with practical, firsthand tips directly from a judge. Be the best expert witness you can be- and bring all of your questions for retired Judge...

  • 5/15

    Compliance Auditing: Questions from the Field (CAQ)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | Credits: 8

    Compliance auditing is a significant risk area for firms. We are now in the year where engagements will be selected for testing in the OMB mandated quality study. Additionally, the GAO issued its update of Government Auditing Standards in the summer of 2018. This course will discuss those...

  • 5/16

    Technology Committee Breakfast Roundtable (TECB0519)

    In-Person | Westbrook | Credits: 0

    This is an open forum - we never limit discussion. We've got experts on board who can help you with portals, paperless office, IT security, e-filing, and more. There is no need to register for this event - walk-ins are welcome! Roundtable attendance is free and open only to CTCPA members...

  • 5/16

    Employee Benefit Plans Conference (EBP)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | New Credits: 8

    This CTCPA conference updates practitioners on a variety of topics in the employee benefit plans area. Download the conference flyer. Sponsored by    

  • 5/21

    CPAs in Business Conference (CBC)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | New Credits: 4

    Every year there are new, and enduring, issues that affect CPAs working in business and industry. This conference is designed to address important economic trends, and regulatory issues that affect you and your organization. Sponsored by    

  • 5/22

    NYP Beginners' Golf Lesson (YPGOLF)

    In-Person | Hartford | Credits: 0

    If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play golf so you can play in a company outing or with family and friends, or just want to give it a try, this event is for you.  If you joined us at past clinics, come back for a refresher!  From putting to driving to etiquette and the rules...

  • 5/23

    Hot IRS Tax Examination Issues for Individuals and Businesses (EXIB)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | Credits: 8

    Recently, the IRS has dramatically ramped-up its examination of specific individuals and small business taxpayers. Now, more than ever, CPAs need clients to understand the need for documentation and procedures to substantiate what IRS auditors are pursuing. Learn the high audit risk areas and...

  • 5/23

    Tax Practitioner Responsibilities and Ethics (Morning Session) (TAXE4)

    In-Person | Shelton | Credits: 4

    Tax practitioners are under increased regulation as to their tax practices. Both the IRS and AICPA have increased the responsibilities of practitioners. The IRS imposes penalties for those who do not follow their regulations. Many practitioners are not aware of how simple procedures can result...

  • 5/24

    A Complete Guide to the New Yellow Book (CGYB)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | New Credits: 8

    The Yellow Book has been revised! This course will equip you with a comprehensive knowledge of the new Yellow Book requirements and increase your confidence and proficiency in performing Yellow Book audits. The course materials utilize a highly illustrative and innovative format including over...

  • 5/28

    What's New in Estate Planning Law and Medicaid Rules (Morning Session) (EPLMR)

    In-Person | Rocky Hill | New Credits: 4

    This course will provide a comprehensive review of Connecticut's ever-changing estate planning arena. We'll begin with a legislative update where you'll learn about the changes our lawmakers have made and how these changes impact your clients. Put on your acronym hat because well be discussing...

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